You Are Not Here Because You Were Irresponsible

The belief that those who file bankruptcy are fiscally irresponsible is often false. Creditors can go to great lengths to make you feel bad about eliminating debts, even when something has happened through no fault of your own. At Schneller & Lomenick, P.A., our attorneys strive to remove this stigma and clear up any other misinformation or misunderstandings around what it means to file for bankruptcy.

Our goal is to alleviate our clients' worries and reduce stress through restructuring or eliminating their debts. It's important to remember that filing for bankruptcy is a process allowed by federal law, one that enables consumers and businesses to discharge their obligations in order to move forward. To find out what type of bankruptcy is the right option for you, consult one of our skilled lawyers today.

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We Protect Clients Through Quality Representation

The attorneys at Schneller & Lomenick, P.A., firmly believe that unpredictable circumstances shouldn't unravel your life. That is why we want to help you protect everything you have worked for and the life you have built.

With over 15 years of experience practicing bankruptcy law in Mississippi, founding attorney Karen Schneller has repeatedly offered clients quality representation. Clients often come back to her because they know that she and her associate, Robert Lomenick, aren't here to judge – they are here to help clients start over and move on.

Unforeseen Circumstances Can Lead To Unforeseen Hardships

An illness, a layoff, an accident, the sudden loss of a family member, or any other unforeseen circumstances can all contribute to financial issues. If you and your loved ones are experiencing hardships due to these money-related matters, understand there is nothing to be ashamed of, and filing for bankruptcy can help you. Don't continue to fend off pushy creditors or face the threat of foreclosure on your own.

Our attorneys understand that unfortunate things happen to everyone. For this reason, we offer our clients reliable legal counsel and free consultations. Call 662-278-0584 or send us a message to schedule your appointment at either our Holly Springs or Olive Branch office today.