Can Bankruptcy Save Your Business?

Yes. Filing for bankruptcy does not mean that you have to go out of business. Though people often associate bankruptcy with failure, it can instead be the means to an end or a pathway to achieve something else. We often see clients who are dealing with a slump in business or who have encountered tax issues that are causing them to fall behind on their loans. In such cases, filing for bankruptcy can help rid them of certain debts or allow them to restructure and repay to remain open.

If you and your business are struggling to stay afloat, and you're considering bankruptcy, talk to one of the attorneys at Schneller & Lomenick, P.A., today. We can:

  • Help you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy for yourself or your business
  • Guide you through filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy for your business
  • Help you deal with creditors, the IRS and taxes
  • Help you and your business get rid of unsecured debts
  • Arrange an affordable payment plan so your business can continue to operate
  • Prevent repossession of business assets

Because no two situations are alike and business bankruptcy can be so complex, it's best to speak to a lawyer to get a better understanding of your situation and what can be done for you.

We Have Helped Others; Let Us Help You

As an established North Mississippi law firm that has helped many clients through personal and business bankruptcies, Schneller & Lomenick, P.A., has the experience necessary to guide you through the filing process so you can save your business.

We encourage prospective clients to reach out to us for a free consultation at either our Holly Springs or Olive Branch location. Use the online contact form or call 662-278-0584 to discuss what our lawyers can do for you today.